BIFF 2022 Special Report

Shooting a blockbuster at a small cost is just a concept

Shooting sci-fi movies is bound to be a money-burning thing. However, "Mr." is a test short film with great ambitions. The production cost of 35,000 yuan makes people wonder - what can be filmed.

The short film "Mr." was directed and written by Zhong Xiaoting and co-written by Xiao Liangping. It has been nominated for several international film festivals. And won the Best New Director Award at the 2022 Bristol International Film Festival.

It is said that the shooting of "Mr." was a magical experience. Filmed for a total of 4 days and 1 night. Because most of the team are outsiders, it is difficult to unify everyone’s schedules, so the filming locations are limited to Guangzhou and its surrounding areas. Whenever they plan to go to work, they encounter an epidemic, which greatly increases the difficulty of filming. It takes almost half a month to make do with it. Shoot in one day. The whole process is shot with a single-lens reflex camera. Although the budget is limited, everything that should be there is available.

As a sci-fi movie, it still looks a little rough, but it can be seen that it is a little worrying. Compared with the grand scenes generally pursued by science fiction films, the original intention of "Mr." is more inclined to the expression of science fiction stories with profound content.

Watching this film, you can explore two questions together with this film - 1. What is the meaning of survival for human beings? 2. What is the point of AI thinking like a human? I believe it can also bring some deeper thinking to the viewers.

Finally, we look forward to this short film, which will eventually become a real sci-fi movie as soon as possible. let us wait and see!

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